3 websites with good web design

Sweaty Betty (sportswear)

sweaty betty blog

– use of images to make the page more interesting

– navigation tools are all located ‘before the fold’ – easy to navigate

– Almost immediately you can tell its a health/fitness/sportswear blog

– target audience can connect with the images

– There is also a navigation icon that takes you to a community page

sweaty betty2

The Bali Bible

bali bible

– Clean layout

– The layout makes navigation easy as all the tab option are at the top

– The blurb is short (2 paragraphs) and easily explains the website

– Contains all the information anyone would need

– Access to other media platforms are also available and easy to find

The Book Depository

book depository

– All the navigation is located on the left, easy to access

– The navigation is organised in categories – makes the selection easy

– Website purpose is clear

– Products can be purchased directly off website

Blog Analysis

Follow three digital communications or marketing blogs from the list supplied by your lecturer.

Create a blog, using blog software of your own choice, and post in your blog your own reflections of issues and current trends you read about in the three blogs you are following.

Submit your best five blog posts for assessment and the URL of your blog. Total word limit 1500-1800 words.

The assignment isn’t about creating blog posts. It is about analysing bloggers and their communication. You can use blogs other than marketing (eg. fashion, sports), but remember the focus of the analysis is on how they are using their blogs for business communication rather than on the content (eg. are they using videos, if so, for what purpose, do you think it is effective etc). Also include a comparative analysis (ie. what ¬†forms of communication do they have in common, what differences do they have).

The assignment should be posted as blog posts, but for marking purposes I have set up an area where you can upload the assignment as a word document (just copy and paste your blog posts into the document).