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People find pop-ups annoying

Why do many websites still use them?

do pop-ups work & Should You Use Popups To Grow Your List?

In the world of online marketing, there is no strategy more controversial than using popup opt-in forms… so the question becomes “Do Pop-Ups Work?”

If you visit blogs, especially those of top marketers, you’ll find more and more of them using popups – and for good reason. They work.

Even the least trafficked sites will get more new subscribers via a popup than they will complaints about the popup itself. The majority of people are becoming more and more accepting of them, especially now that the designs have become more sophisticated and the offers for new subscribers have become harder to refuse.


When time is poor and learning is hard, what better way to procrastinate your time then by scrolling through a blog about social media. Kidding, this is a blog for all those wanting to learn some quick tips/tricks and hacks of the web to get your social media accounts up and running. To learn how to attract and build your relationship with a targeted audience, and how to keep up to date with the fast paced changes of today's internet society. Move over coffee and priorities and delve into the art of social media - every students one true addiction.

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