Get Social – 4 savvy social media tips to keep connected

It’s 2046, the libraries and bookstores have emptied out, the distant rustle is heard from behind a “do not enter” sign on what seems to be an old storage area next to the entrance of the Mac lab. What is that? paper perhaps? a book? impossible, no-one reads them anymore.


Suddenly you hear the strange sound of a fast paced “tap,tap, tap” and “click, click” coming from behind the door labelled “The Mac Lab”. You enter.

you’ve found them , they don’t even notice you have entered because they are so consumed with what is on their screens that real life to them seems like a distant fairy tale. They are scrolling so fast, taking in and ignoring vasts amounts of information available to them at a click of a button.

Is this a nightmare or a dream you wonder? 

Now lets come back to 2016, where the rise of social media is phenomenal, people are able to connect and find information faster than ever before, and its only going to get faster.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, the effective use of social media is a must-do, and below are 3 tip to keep your accounts interesting and how to stay connected with the fast changing society of today.

  1. Where is your audience?

With so many platforms available at your fingertips, and so much data available on how many users each platform has, the most important step to do is to locate your ACTIVE audience. the biggest mistake is using a platform purely based on the amount of users it has, what you need to find out is how many of those users are classified as active. an example is Google+ which, in 2015 had an estimated 2.5 billion users, making it the largest platform of them all. But a simple search of a report published by TechTimes shows that of that 2.5 billion, only about 10% made a post or used it to share information publicly or even logged on!


Compare that same analysis with Facebook and twitter, and you will find that even though they have less accounts, the active user number is vastly higher at 300 million – 1.5 billion active users.

Hot Tip: The most effective platforms any business should use are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Snapchat

2. Make your content adaptable over all of your social media platforms

3. Follow the rule of less is more

  • follow twitter character limit
  • info-graphs
  • don’t over saturate everyone’s feed
  • list of how many posts per day reach the bliss point of social media

4. behaviours change, but what interests people and triggers them to share information is generally the same.

  • humour
  • short videos
  • funny stuff
  • quiz’s
  • images

killing me softly

the generation to please.

I know you don’t want to…… but you have to


I heard they sang a good song,

“I heard they had a style,

“And so I came to see them,

“And listen for a while.


“And there he was, this young boy……..

” A Stranger to my eyeeeeeeees ”


How do we deal with the new age of customers…..

the students, the future customers, the future leaders…..

The millennial generation. 

I will tell you how……

We deal with them by understanding how to target them.


the focus is of course, social media. so lets begin…


targeting millennial’s on social media 101

*the following information was taken form an exert from for the full article please visit

Results from the study were fascinating, and can be applied to any business — not just tech.

For example:

  • 75% of millennials wanted news
  • 59% of millennials wanted information about travel
  • 62% were interested in food

Now check out the tech preferences of millennials — compared to people older than 35:

  • 50% of millennials relied on video sharing websites — compared to only 29% of the the 35+ crowd
  • 52% of millennials relied on retailer websites — compared to 41% of 35+’ers

And here’s why you HAVE to target millennials on Facebook:

59% of millennials use social media to find information — compared to only 29% of the 35+ crowd.

Here’s What Drives Millennials to Their Favorite Websites


Beautiful photos, concise copy & engaged communities are what millennials look for from their favorite websites.

  • 59% of millennials said their favorite websites use amazing graphics
  • 57% of millennials said their favorite websites have brief, well-written content
  • 58% of millennials said the best websites have engaged communities of fans
  • 76% of millennials said their favorite websites have content that is easy to understand.


Now lets narrow this down further.

from the information above we can determine that, in order to target the future leaders, we must have content that is easy:

  1. Easy on the eyes, i.e. make it b-e-a-utiful, a picture does tell a thousand words in reality. work on your flat lays (another how to article on this soon to come)
  2. short and instant : use the rule of the twitter post. they only allow 140 characters. so make it STRAIGHT TO THE POINT. and if you have space. IF. at this point. add a link in there.
  3. engage the community….. this is the hard one. maybe add a cat meme……more to come next week on millennial strategies in Public Relations.



Next week we will look at PR aesthetics to target millennial’s and how to use Search Engine Optimisation to get the best engagement for your Social Media Posts.